Different Types of Coffees Available in the Market


Coffee is grown in different parts of the world hence the different flavors available in the market after processing and packaging. The quality of coffee produced begins with its planting and nurturing through to its processing and packaging. While reason to drink coffee may vary from one individual to the next, what matters most to all people is the taste and smell of the coffee. Conduct an online research and you will discover that there exists numerous types of coffee.


Cafe Americano


Espresso coffee through the Best Coffee Roasters combined with hot water brews cafe Americano. Its unique name is drawn from the American soldiers in the World War II who preferred it because it made their beverage sustain them longer. American barristers adopted it even when the war ended making it an American specialty.




It counts as one of the most common coffee types available in the market. It is made from steamed milk and coffee shots combination. It is meant to be frothy although certain restaurants have not been able to tell the difference between a coffee latte and a flat white. The latte is an Italian specialty.  If you want to read more about coffee, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee.




There is probably no one in the world who does not know what a cappuccino is because it is the most common coffee type available. The three-layered coffee is a combination of an espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk with possible chocolate shavings. Originally, cappuccino was the official Italian breakfast coffee although it spread to other areas.


Irish coffee


Caution is given when taking Irish coffee as excessive consumption could lead to the same effects that alcohol has on someone. It is brewed with whiskey, sugar and cream toppings. This special type of coffee does not work with instant coffee or scotch.


Marocchino coffee


This is one of the finest coffees from www.republicaroasters.com from Italy and is made from a combination of cocoa and espresso. It is meant to foam when hot cocoa is mixed with an espresso.


Flat white


This is an Australian icon coffee. The only difference between this type of coffee and a cappuccino is that it lacks the foam as they have similar strengths. With steamed milk and one or two of espresso shots, you are ready to have one of the best coffees in the world.


Turkish cafe


Just as its name suggests this coffee is also unique because its coffee beans but rather its preparation style do not define it. it is brew when fine coffee is left to boil for a considerable amount of time. This is what gives the coffee a distinct taste and makes it string. Sugar and flavor is needed to ensure that the bitter taste is offset.